Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bird Nest 1.1

Never to early for some fantasy baseball discussion!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Season Preview

American League:

Da Dorm (Kyle)- Kyle drafted a solid infield with Cabrera and Reynolds at
the corners which should get him 30 homeruns from each and with Reyes and
Kinsler in the middle he could be looking at close to 60 steals from the two of
them. He is going with a somewhat unproven pitching staff with Yu Darvish as
the de-facto staff ace, but if he lives up to the hype Kyle could be looking to
earn a spot in the playoffs after taking a year off.

Hairy Grove (Eric)- Eric’s squad is completely different than Kyle’s. Eric
is looking to win with pitching and a lot of it. He has Sabathia, Lincecum,
Kennedy and Price who all are going to vie to win 20 games this season. I
wouldn’t want to catch Hairy Grove on a week where most of those guys are on 2
start weeks. The Hairy Grove offense has a bunch of injury risk players in
Hamilton, Hart and A-Rod, but if they can stay healthy they should put up just
enough points for Eric to get his first crack at the Bird Land playoffs.

Huff Divers (Phil)- Schatz had some filthy keepers coming into the season
with consensus top 5 round picks in Bautista, Stanton, Housmer and James
Shield. So he just needed to draft a solid core of players around him to build
on that foundation. He was a little disappointed at the pitcher run early in
the draft which left him with Weaver as his first selection. But along with
Weaver and Shields he also has Lester and Gio to win him some ball games.
Offensively he is going to rely on Bautista to carry him. His outfield looks a
little shaky with only Stanton as a top notch player but hopefully he can make
up the point differential with McCann as a solid backstop.

Gap Pounders (Anthony)-Sparrow may have been the most to benefit from the
rush of pitchers going early in the draft and may have ended up with the best
offensive team in the league, led by Braun, Longoria, Santana and Brandon
Phillips he will be putting up consistent numbers offensively to hopefully lead
him to a 3rd straight playoff appearance. His only hindrance might
be his pitching staff. He has an ace in Cain but will need some big years out
of guys like Bedard and Lewis to compete in the Beast American League.

Omaha Gold (Scott)- Erickson was looking to have a solid draft in 2012 to get
him back to the playoffs after missing out in 2011. He can only hope Pujols and
his switch to the American league can move him in the right direction. He has a
decent lineup to go along with Pujols, which includes Justin Upton, Zobrist and
a fully healthy Buster Posey. He will have to overcome his shortcomings on the
pitching side. With Greinke leading the way he needs a solid full season from
Strasburg and a revamp NYY Pineda to get him a seat at the playoff table.

Sween’s Machines (Sean)- Sweeney is looking defend his American League title
and make it back to the league championship this season and finally take home
the coveted Eddie Murray Trophy. He will have a big target on his chest with
the other 5 owners gunning for him this season. With the squad he put together
it looks like he has a great shot to make it back. On offense he is led by
Tulo, Holliday and a resurgent Lance Berkman. On the pitching side he reigning
NL MVP Craig Kimbrel and always reliable King Felix to lead the way.

National League

Tittyslam (Brian)- So far Brian has been the laughing stock of fantasy sports
but after a playoff season in football he may finally be turning the corner.
Billig’s philosophy this season is going to be to win with pitching. With most
likely the best pitching staff in the NL, Tittyslam has a rotation of Halladay,
Latos, Wilson and Bumgarner. His offense takes a big step down from where his
pitching staff was. He needs another huge year from both Granderson and Hardy
to really take the team to the next level.

Team Guaranteed (Steffin)- Dubbed by only Jason Steffin himself this is
considered “The Best Team in the League”. He must have been looking at the team
to the left side of him on the draft board. I don’t think this squad is
spectacular but he can compete in the often weak National League. With Kemp,
Beltre and an already power hitting Cespedes he will defiantly rely on the long
ball in this lineup. On the mound he has two young pitchers in Worley and Moore
which will need to step-up and support already proven aces in Haren and

Game Time (Zaruba)- Jason is looking to make the playoffs for the first time
in Bird Land history and he might have put the team together to do just that. A
pitching staff with some questions marks in it with Hanson , Josh Johnson and
Feliz but if all goes well with those three and throw in Verlander, Gallardo and
Beckett, that is a solid rotation to finally lead him to the playoffs and
possibly a championship. On offense Zaruba is going to look for some bounce
back seasons out of Gardner, Ichiro, Werth and Heyward to make a long playoff

Phi Slamma Jamma (Pat)-Limited racial jokes by Pat this season may have
affected his draft and doesn’t look like he put together a solid team like he
did last year. He does have some solid players in Cliff Lee, Papelbon, AGon,
McCuthchen and Victorino. But he is going to need some other players to step up
if he wants to sneak into the playoffs in 2012.

The Wright Stuff (SP)- SP also came into the draft with a solid set of
keepers with Konerko, Carlos Gonzalez, Freeman, Romero and Kuroda. An early
hiccup of taking an injured Ryan Madson may have put a damper on him returning
to the playoffs. He still has a decent staff with Rivera and Nathan closing
things down late in games.

Devo’s Kids (Matt)- The 2 time defending champion came into 2012 looking to
take home the trophy for a 3rd season. Led by all world catcher Matt
Wieters, he may not lose a game this season. In reality Mullinix did put a
tough team together, with Kershaw, Wainwright and Garza leading the staff and
Votto, Ellsbury and Ortiz leading the offense.

Power Rankings (1 best- 12 worst)

1. Anthony
2. Phil
3. Scott
4. SP
5. Kyle
6. Sean
7. Brian
8. Zaruba
9. Pat
10. Steffin
11. Matt
12. Eric

1. Eric
2. Zaruba
3. Brian
4. Matt
5. Scott
6. Steffin
7. Pat
8. Sean
9. Phil
10. Kyle
11. SP
12. Anthony

Season Predictions

American League

Hairy Grove 14-8
Gap Pounders 12-10
Sween’s Machines 12-10
Omaha Gold 12-10
Da Dorms 10-12
Huff Divers 9-13

National League
Game Time 16-6
Tittyslam 11-11
Devo’s Kids 11-11
Phi Slamma Jamma 10-12
Team Guaranteed 10-12
The Wright Stuff 7-15

Playoff Prediction

Round 1

Hairy Grove and Game Time Bye’s

Sween’s Machines vs Gap Pounders- Braun gets suspended on the Monday of the
start of the week for PED use and Sween’s Machines pulls out a victory to
advance to the next round. 288 to 263

Tittyslam vs Devo’s Kids- Billig makes it to his first playoff appearance
but has to face the 2 time defending champ. Ends up being a close game but JJ
Hardy hits a late single in the final game of the evening for Tittyslam to
advance. 340 to 323

Round 2

Sween’s Machines vs Hairy Grove- Eric is riding his hot pitching thought the
season, but the way the schedules line up he doesn’t have any 2 start pitchers,
Sean relies on a huge week by his first round pick in Tulo and advances to his
second consecutive Championship game. 318. 66 to 317

Tittyslam vs. Gametime- this is completely opposite of the AL game, with
Zaruba getting big games from a healthy Hanson and Josh Johnson and blow Billig
out of the water. 411 to 292
Championship Game

Sween’s Machines vs. Gametime- Both teams are looking to get their hands on
the Eddie Murray trophy. Can the AL finally overcome the Championship drought?
Zaruba gets to amazing starts from Verlander, but Sean keeps it close with two
solid starts from a mid-season call up Trevor Bauer. Zaruba just barely wins
this one in the closet championship score to date. 397.25 to 398.15

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rounds 14-23 Review

Now we finally finish up the draft in a record time in 2012 with no help from
Sparrow or Billig. Steffin starts gloating about how great his team is (he did
the same thing in fantasy football and we all know how that turned out) and the
rest of the pizza/cheesy bread gets delivered which of course makes Sparrow
extremely happy.

Round 14-16

157. Matt-Austin Jackson
158. Sean-Chase Utley
159. Zaruba-Jemile Weeks (trade from Anthony)
160. SP- Hiroki Kuroda (keeper)
161. Phil- Melky Cabrera
162. Pat- Starlin Castro (keeper)
163. Eric- Francisco Liriano
164. Zaruba- Brett Gardner
165. Brian- Geovany Soto
166. Steffin- Tim Hudson
167. Kyle- Martin Prado (keeper)
168. Kyle- Grant Balfour
169. Scott- Dee Gordon
170. Steffin- Yoenis Cespedes
171. Billig- Kyle Farnsworth
172. Zaruba- Brandon McCarthy
173. Eric- Jhonny Peralta
174. Pat- Carlos Marmol
175. Phil- Derek Holland
176. SP- Edwin Jackson
177. Anthony- Ike Davis
178. Sean- Neil Walker
179. Matt- Adam Wainwright (keeper)
180. Matt- John Danks
181. Sean- Bud Norris
182. Anthony- Jason Kipnis
183. SP- Alfonso Soriano
184. Phil- Jeff Francoeur
185. Pat- Gavin Floyd
186. Eric- Jose Tabata
187. Anthony- RA Dickey (trade with Zaruba)
188. Brian- Kendrys Morales
189. Steffin- John Mayberry Jr.
190. Scott- Buster Posey (keeper)
191. Kyle- Yonder Alonso

Teams are finally starting to fill out there active roster during these picks
and you can see teams really starting to come together. Schatz is banking on the
2011 KC Royals outfield to lift his team to a championship with Franceour and
Melky. Steffin drafts his 5th philly with Mayberry Jr and we have
yet to see Pat draft a Bucco, something that led him to the playoffs in 2011.
Sparrow gets some Valley Fever.

Best/Value Pick- Zaruba- Brett Gardner could be a steal in 2012, literally.
He had to overcome some injuries in 2011 but in 2010 Gardner had a breakout
campaign at the top of the Yankees order. If he can get and stay health Garder
could be a top 6 round talent for Zaruba.

Worst/Reach Pick- RA Dickey (Sparrow)- A knuckle baller who likes to climb
mountains, has no ligament in his elbow and players for the NL East cellar
dweller NY Mets. I’ll pass and let him go to the waiver wire.

Rounds 17-19

192. Kyle- Ivan Nova (keeper)
193. Scott- Jair Jurrjens
194. Steffin- Brennan Boesch
195. Brian- Bryce Harper (keeper)
196. Zaruba- Neftali Feliz (keeper)
197. Eric- Brandon League
198. Pat- Mark Buehrle
199. Phil- Giancarlo Stanton (keeper)
200. SP- Chipper Jones
201. Anthony- Edinson Volquez
202. Sean- Ryan Dempster
203. Matt- Shuan Marcum (keeper)
204. Matt- Wade Davis
205. Sean- Mark Trumbo
206. Matt- Mike Trout (Trade with Tony)
207. SP- Johan Santana (keeper)
208. Phil- Matt Capps
209. Phil- Carlos Pena (trade with Pat)
210. Eric- Colby Rasmus
211. Zaruba- Delmon Young
212. Brian- Ty Wigginton
213. Steffin- Ricky Nolasco
214. Scott- Kelly Johnson
215. Kyle Huston Street
216. Kyle- Nolan Reimold
217. Scott- Michael Pineda (keeper)
218. Steffin- Chris Heisey
219. Billig- Ben Revere
220. Zaruba- Daniel Bard
221. Eric- Mike Minor
222. Pat- Mat Gamel
223. Phil- Devin Mesoraco
224. SP- Raul Ibanez
225. Sparrow- Erik Bedard
226. Sean- Tim Staugger
227. Matt- Chris Perez

Rounds 17-19 start to bring out the prospect hunt by all the owners. Some
teams starting early and looking to build for the future with prospects like
Harper, Trout, Mesoraco, Ibanez and Bedard. Oops, the last two are actually old
and brittle vets, but you get the point.

Best/Value Pick- Mat Gamel (Pat) Gamel takes over for the departed Prince “I
don’t eat meat” Fielder at 1B in MIL. He could hit for power in the minors and
if it translates to the big league Pat could have himself a 30-35 HR and 100-110
RBI guy with a late round pick.

Worst/ Reach Pick- Cant really call many of these picks reaches any more
since they are so late in the draft, so we can just consider them bad. Chris
Heisey (Steffin) you know when you make a pick and more than half the people on
the room yell out “WHO?” or “what team does he play for” you know you might not
have made a wise choice. Think, all those UP and DOWN arrows and ZZZ’s on
Steffin’s cheat sheet might have made him a little disoriented when he made this

Rounds 20-23

228. Matt-Zack Cozart
229. Sean- Trevor Bauer
230. Anthony- Logan Morrison (keeper)
231. SP- Freddie Freeman (keeper)
232. Phil- Eric Hosmer (keeper)
233. Pat- Justin Smoak
234. Eric- Mike Moustakas (keeper)
235. Zaruba- Paul Goldschmidt
236. Brian- Jeff Niemann
237. Steffin- Wilson Ramos
238. Scott- Julio Teheran
239. Kyle- Carlos Lee
240. Kyle- Ryan Theriot
241. Scott- Mike Leake
242. Steffin- Ryan Vogelsong
243. Brian- Chris Sale
244. Zaruba- Roy Oswalt
245. Eric- Brandon Belt
246. Pat- Luke Hochevar
247. Phil- Jacob Turner
248. SP- Erick Aybar
249. Sparrow- Adam Lind
250. Sean- Bret Myers
251. Anthony- Jake Arrieta (trade with Matt)
252. Matt- Garrett Richards
253. Sean- Jonathan Sanchez
254. Sparrow- Homer Bailey
255. SP- Justin Morneau
256. Phil- Drew Pomeranz
257. Pat- Ryan Raburn
258. Eric- JD Martinez
259. Zaruba- Eric Thames
260. Brian- Carlos Ruiz
261. Steffin- Tyler Pastornicky
262. Scott- Jake Peavy
263. Kyle- Russell Martin
264.- Kyle- Matt Harrison
265. Scott- Adam Dunn
266. Steffin- Javy Guerra
267. Brian- Jamie Moyer
268. Zaruba- Matt Joyce
269. Eric- Phil Hughes
270. Pat-Pedro Alvarez
271. Phil- Shelby Miller
272. SP- Rick Porcello
273. Anthony-Manny Machado
274. Sean- Jonathan Niese
275. Matt- Victor Martinez

Last 3 rounds of the draft went quick with a bombshell of a pick to end the
draft when Mullinx takes forgotten Victor Martinez. No one is sure in the final
rounds if Phil was drafting from his “I hate everyone on my list” spreadsheet or
from a Baseball America top 100 prospect list and Pat gives into the temptation
and snags up a Bucco. Lastly everyone is ready to strangle Steffin as he still
talks up his team like he just drafted a dynasty ala the Dallas Cowboys in the

Best/ Value Pick- Trevor Bauer-Sean got on the prospect bandwagon early and
took one of the most highly regarded one out there. Bauer looks to be a cant
miss pitcher in the D’backs system and was battling for rotation spot this
spring. Look for him to get some starts mid-season.

Worst Pick- Jamie Moyer- (Brian). Think Billig was looking to increase the
average age of his roster and also possibly setting a record between oldest and
youngest player on a roster at 31 years, between Moyer and Bryce Harper. Don’t
know why you would want to draft at 50 year old pitcher coming off Tommy John
and pitching in Colorado, looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

Hope you all enjoyed the draft review. Will be coming out with team reviews
and season predictions soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rounds 7-13 Review

Round 7-13 is where things started to go a little crazy. The pizza showed up, well most of it, which made Sparrow happy. Billig and Steffin started looking up male genitalia on the ipad. Schatz still hated every one on his spreadsheet, Eric was telling everyone how much he loved them and how cool the players were that signed autographs for him. Mullinix was 8 deep in his 12 pack of Natty Boh and Sean took a nap with all his keepers from round 8-13. Now here's the analysis.
Round 7-8
73. Kyle-Yu Darvish
74. Scott-Ben Zobrist (keeper)
75. Steffin-Jimmy Rollins
76. Brian-Jose Valverde
77. Zaruba-Tommy Hanson
78. Eric-Mike Napoli (keeper)
79. Pat-Elvis Andrus
80. Phil-Alexi Ramirez
81. SP-Brandon Morrow
82. Anthony-Shin-Soo Choo
83. Sean-Justin Masterson
84. Matt-BJ Upton
85. Matt-Howie Kendrick
86. Sean-Miguel Montero (keeper)
87. Anthony-Carlos Santana (keeper)
88. SP-Nick Markakis
89. Pat-Emilo Bonaficio (trade with phil)
90. Pat-Dustin Ackley
91. Eric-JJ Putz
92. Zaruba-Ichiro
93. Brian-Madison Bumgarner (keeper)
94. Steffin-Michael Morse (keeper)
95. Scott-Drew Stubbs
96. Kyle-Carlos Beltran
Here is where keepers start coming into play for most team in the draft and make a huge impact on the draft overall. Also a mini run of SS in these 2 rounds.
Best/Value Pick-Devo's Kids- Howie Kendrick. Had a monster year last year at 2b now he will be hitting in front of Pujols. Look for him to score more than 100 runs in 2012.
Worst/Reach Pick-Emilo Bonaficio. Phi Slamma Jamma. Is he legit or is he going to get sent down to AAA this season. Has multi position eligibility but is mostly a 1 category type player. Could pay dividends but still a lot of question marks around him.
Round 9-10
97. Kyle-Doug Fister
98. Scott-Andrew Bailey
99. Steffin-Chris Young (keeper)
100. Brian-Matt Latos (keeper)
101. Zaruba-Jason Werth
102. Eric-Cameron Maybin
103. PAt-Max Scherzer
104. Phil-Jose Bautista (keeper)
105. SP-Carlos Gonzalez (keeper)
106. Anthony-Jeremy Hellickson (keeper)
107. Sean-Adam Jones (keeper)
108. Matt-Clay Bucholz
109. Matt-Chris Carpenter
110. Sean-Anibal Sanchex (keeper)
111. Anthony-Jon Axford (keeper)
112. SP-Ryan Madson
113. Phil-Gio Gonzalez (keeper)
114. PAt-Nick Swisher
115. Eric-Joel Hanrahhan
116. Zaruba-Trevor Cahill
117. Brian-Michael Cuddyer
118. Steffin-Ryan Roberts
119. Scott-Johnny Cueto (keeper)
120. Kyle-Corey Leubke
More keepers coming off the board, bigger and bigger dongs getting looked at by Billig and Steffin. Sean still napping.
Best/Value Pick-Zaruba- Trevor Cahil. Got traded from the AL to the NL which will only help throwing to a pitcher every 9 batters. Looks for him to have a solid season in Zona.
Worst/Reach Pick- This was a close call even with some players being out for the season. If i could pick a keeper it would def go to Sparrow with his Hellickson pick. His peripherals were terrible in 2011 and look for his W's to decrease and his ERA to increase. But since we are not going with keepers it has to be SP with his Ryan Madson pick. Announced in the morning Madson is done for the season. As I am writing this article he was already on the waiver wire.
Round 11-13
121. Kyle-Brian Matusz
122. Scott-Alex Gordon (keeper)
123. Steffin-Vance Worley (keeper)
124. Brian-Danny Esponsia
125. Zaruba-Jason Heyward (keeper)
126. Eric-Corey Hart
127. Pat-Drew Storen (keeper)
128. Phil-James Shields (Keeper)
129. SP-Paul Konerko (keeper)
130. Anthony-Colby Lewis
131. Sean-Craig Kimbrel (keeper)
132. Matt-Jordon Walden
133. Matt-David Ortiz (keeper)
134. Sean-Jordan Zimmerman (keeper)
135. Anthony-Asdrubal Cabrera (keeper)
136. SP-Joe Nathan
137. Phil-Brandon Beachy (keeper)
138. Pat-Rickie Weeks (keeper)
139. Eric-Ian Kennedy (keeper)
140. Zaruba-Alex Avila (Keeper)
141. Brian-JJ Hardy (keeper)
142. Steffin-Adrian Beltre (keeper)
143. Scott-Stephen Strasburg (keeper)
144. Kyle-Billy Butler
145. Kyle-Jaime Garcia (keeper)
146. Scott-Sergio Santos
147. Steffin-Chad Billingsley
148. Brian-Rafael Betancourt
149. Zaruba-Derek Jeter
150. Eric-JP Arcenbia
151. Pat-Ervin Santan (keeper)
152. Phil-Jhouly Chacin
153. SP-Ricky Romero (keeper)
154. Anthony-Jason Motte
155. Sean-Gaby Sanchez (keeper)
156. Matt-Ryan Howard
Here is where a majority of keepers come off the board, leaving few picks to make a best/worst selection.
Best/Value Pick- Kyle- Billy Butler, dont think he has 1B eligibility but is hitting with more power in spring training than in past seasons. With all the young offensive players around him Butler could have a career year.
Worst/Reach Pick- Mullinix- Ryan Howard. Think this guy strike out more than Mark Reynolds and the only person than strikes out more than Mark Reynolds is Billig trying to pick up chicks on a friday night. Howard has been declining the last few seasons and the injury doesnt give much confidence in this selection.
Rounds 14-23 coming soon

Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Birdland Fantasy Draft Review Round 1-6

The 3rd annual Birdland fantasy draft has commenced and the picks are in for the upcoming season. With 9 owners attending the draft in the league offices in Odenton and 3 owners attending and making picks online in the CBS draft room. Plenty of beer was drank and plenty of pizza was ate. He are round 1-6 with comments.

Round 1-3
1. Kyle- Miguel Cabrera
2. Scott E- Albert Pujols
3. Jason S- Matt Kemp
4. Brian- Roy Halladay
5. Jason Z- Justin Verlander
6. Eric- CC Sabathia
7. Pat- Cliff Lee
8. Phil- Jered Weaver
9. SP- Robinson Cano
10. Anthony- Ryan Braun
11. Sean- Troy Tulowski
12. Matt- Clayton Kershaw (keeper)
13. Matt- Joey Votto
14. Sean-Felix Hernandez
15. Anthony- Evan Longoria
16. Sp-Hanley Ramirez
17. Phil- Dustin Pedoria
18. Pat-Adrian Gonzalez
19. Eric- Tim Lincecum
20. Zaruba-Prince Fielder
21. Brian- Mark Teixeira
22. Steffin-Cole Hamels
23. Scott E-Zack Greinke
24. Kyle-Jose Reyes

Every year more and more pitchers go earlier and earlier in the Birdland draft with no exception in 2012. Looks like every team wants to get a staff ace to lock down their rotation. A total of 10 pitchers went in the first 2 rounds.

Best/Value Pick- Ryan Braun(Gap Pounders)- A top 5 talents falls to pick 10. All the owners in the middle of the round wanted to snatch up that staff ace and Sparrow lucks out and gets the reigning NL MVP, even if he roided up or not.

Worst/ Reach Pick- CC Sabathia (Hairy Grove)- Can say many top 2 round picks are reaches but if i had to pick one it would be CC. I think he has a solid year but with him getting taken ahead of guys like Lincecum, Lee and Felix its a tough sell.

Round 3-4

25. Kyle-Ian Kinsler
26. Scott- Justin Upton
27. Steffin-Dan Haren
28. Brian-Curtis Granderson
29. Zaruba-Yovanni Gallardo
30.Eric-Josh Hamilton
31.Pat-Andrew McCutchen (keeper)
32.Phil-Jon Lester
33. SP-Mariano Rivera
34. Anthony-Matt Cain
35. Sean-Matt Holliday
36. Matt-Jacoby Ellsbury (keeper)
37. Matt-Ryan Zimmerman
38. Sean-Pablo Sandoval
39. Anthony-Brandon Phillips
40. SP-Nelson Cruz
41. Phil-Brian McCann
42. Pat-Jonathan Papelbon
43. Eric-Alex Rodriguez
44. Zaruba-Josh Johnson
45. Brian-Hunter Pence
46. Steffin-Matt Moore
47. Scott-David Wright
48. Kyle-Heath Bell

Plenty More pitchers, plenty more position player and more good and bad picks to analyze.

Best/Value Pick-Josh Hamilton (Hairy Grove). A former AL MVP taken in the 3rd round. He has a lot of injury risk, but when he is healthy he is one of the best in the game. Solid first position player taken by Hairy Grove in 2012.

Worst/Reach Pick- Lot of choices in these 2 round to pick from, but if i had to take one it would be Matt Moore. He has plenty of hype but hasnt pitched more than 30 innings in the big leagues. Tough to take a guy like that this early in the draft.

Round 5-6

49. Kyle-Mark Reynold
50. Scott-Brett Lawrie
51. Steffin-Ubaldo Jimenez
52. Brian-CJ Wilson (keeper)
53. Zaruba-Michael Young
54. Eric-Dan Uggla
55. Pat-Shane Victorino
56. Phil-Brian Wilson
57. SP-Kevin Youkilis
58. Anthony-Jay Bruce
59. Sean-Michael Bourn
60. Matt-Matt Garza
61. Matt-Matt Wieters (keeper)
62. Sean-Lance Berkman
63. Anthony-Daniel Hudson (keeper)
64. Sp-Jesus Monetero
65. Phil-Andre Ethier
66. Pat-Joe Mauer
67. Eric-David Price (keeper)
68. Zaruba-Josh Beckett
69. Brian-Aramis Ramirez
70. Steffin-Carl Crawford
71. Scott-Desmond Jennings
72. Kyle-Yadier Molina

This is the point in the draft when sparrow was more worried about getting pizza and less worried on the draft. Think he was getting hungry, on second thought when isnt Sparrow hungry.

Best/Value Pick- Lance Berkman (Sean). Phil was looking to trade Berkman for picks in the offseason but couldnt get a deal done. Now Sean gets the cleanup hitter in STL now that pujols is gone. If Berkman can repeat his Killer B days of Houston Lore then this will give Sean another chance to get to the Bird Land Championship and win that coveted Eddie Murray trophy and a solid choice in the 2012 draft.

Worst/Reach Pick- Andre Ethier (Phil) "I hate all the guys on my spreadsheet" -Phil Schatz. That was phil's quote of the day when it was his choice to draft, lets hope he can change his mind and love Andre Ethier. Think Ethier could have been had a few round later in this draft.

Round 7-13 coming soon.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Do-or-die trip for Caps?

The Capitals currently find themselves on the outside of the playoff picture, trying to figure out why this once-promising season has gone down that crapper.  In ninth place, three points behind Toronto for the eighth and final playoff spot, and four points behind Southeast-leading Florida Panthers (yes, really), this team needs to get their season turned around, and in a hurry.

One of the reasons the Caps have struggled is their play on the road.  They are the worst road team in the Eastern Conference.  So what’s staring the Capitals in the face over the next five days?  Yep, a four game road trip, including three within the division, and tonight against the first place Panthers.  

No I’m not going to go out and say this road trip Capitals “must win” on this road trip in order to make the playoffs, but having a solid road trip (winning at least three games) would go a long way towards getting this team in the playoffs.  

A Capitals loss tonight would put them six points behind the Panthers for the top spot in the Southeast.  With 25 games to play after tonight, it is not an insurmountable amount of points to make up.  A win on the other hand would put them just two back of Florida and give the team some confidence going into the rest of the road trip.

The other key game is Wednesday in Ottawa.  The Senators are seven points ahead of the Caps; however, they also have four games in hand.  The Caps haven’t loss to Ottawa this season, and finishing off the season sweep would be huge.

The schedule doesn’t get easier for the Caps the rest of the season.  Another four-game road trip is staring them in the face towards the end of March, with games in Chicago and Detroit back-to-back, as well as against the Flyers.  This is another reason why this four game swing is even more important to the Caps.  While both Florida and Ottawa are currently in the playoffs, the other two games this weekend (Tampa Bay and Carolina), are very winnable games.  This road trip doesn’t do anything in comparison to the daunting trip next month.

In order for this team to make the playoffs for the fifth consecutive season, they’re going to have to learn to win on the road.  And that starts tonight in Florida.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Could Terrell Stoglin become Maryland’s all-tme leading scorer?

A thought occurred to me while watching Maryland almost blow another lead on the road last night at Clemson.  Could Terrell Stoglin actually end up as Maryland’s all-time leading scorer?

Now, a lot of things could happen that could impact this over the next couple of years.  Injuries could always play a factor, Stoglin could leave early (which is doubtful in my opinion), the team around him could improve, resulting in less of a reliance on Stoglin’s scoring, and he could just regress in his last two years in College Park. 

Those potential obstacles aside, Terrell Stoglin is on the fast track to reaching the top of the scoring list. 

Looking at Maryland’s all-time scoring list, here is your top 5:

1.    2,269 - Juan Dixon
2.    2,171 - Greivis Vasquez
3.    2,149 – Len Bias
4.    2,058 – Albert King
5.    2,017 – Adrian Branch

After the game versus Clemson, Stoglin as a total of 881 points in a little less than two years.  That doesn’t even put him in the top 50 all-time.  But let’s take a closer look at the numbers

2010- 2011: Averaged 11.4 points per game for a total of 376 points.

2011-2012: Currently averaging 22 points per game for a total of 505 points this season.

Maryland has 7 regular season games left this year.  Let’s assume that they just go one-and-done in the ACC tournament and do not make any postseason tournaments.  So they would have 8 more games this season.  If you give a conservative guess on his points per game the rest of the year (say 20 ppg), that’s an additional 160 points for the rest of this season, leaving Stoglin with 1,041 total points through the first half of his Maryland career, and 1,228 short of Juan Dixon’s all-time mark.

Assuming the Terps play 30 regular season games per year, plus a couple of postseason games in either the ACC tournament and NCAA or NIT tournaments over the next couple of years, that’s approximately 33 or 34 games per season.  At that amount, Stoglin would only need to average a little over 18 ppg over his remaining two years to pass Dixon.

As mentioned before, there are many factors that could prevent this from happening.  The most logical of those potential scenarios is the team improving as a whole.  If this team continues to get better, and with the recruiting class coming in next year  it is bound to happen, they may not need to rely on Stoglin’s scoring as much.  And maybe Mark Turgeon won’t be as reluctant to sit him on the bench when he launches up a terrible shot. 

Either way, Stoglin is on pace to become one of the most prolific scorers in Maryland basketball history.  Winning ultimately determines the extent of a player’s greatness, and reaching and doing some damage in the NCAA tournament as an upper classman will go a long way to determining Stoglin's legacy.  That’s why players such as Len Bias and Juan Dixon are reveled.  Let’s just hope Stoglin can make it to that level as well.